Communique of the Diocesan Administration

The statement concerning the meeting of the Council of the Archdiocese of 21 June 2013 presided over by His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel, announced the launch of a consultation exercise with the clergy and laity of our Archdiocesan delegates. The purpose of this consultation was to gather their views on a possible amendment of the statutes which would allow the search for nominations for the role of Archbishop to extend outside our Archdiocese.

A large majority (161 of 206 ballots in favour) of the clergy and lay delegates voted for the proposed change of statutes.

Consequently, the first item on the agenda of the next EGA is to enshrine this change according to statutory procedures, the second item will be the election of the Archbishop

To prepare for this election, it is asking that by 31 July, the day on which the Archdiocesan Council will make the decision to convene the EGA, both the clergy and the faithful of communities of the Archdiocese should send to its members and the Diocesan Administration suggestions for nominations. These suggestions will help the Council to establish a list of candidates. This list, once approved by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, will be made known throughout the Archdiocese for the General Assembly in November.

On another matter, a reminder that during services His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel, interim administrator of our Archdiocese should be mentioned with this form of words : "His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, Patriarchal Exarch".

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